Breast cancer support campaign

HERE & NOW – Voices of Strenght– Breast cancer support campaign
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Here and Now Project


NOVARTIS (Switzerland)

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“My name is Nuno Palha and I am a photographer based in Lisbon, Portugal. I decided to participate in this
project because it is an opportunity to get involved in something that will positively affect thousands of people.
I hope that, with my images, I can transmit hope, joy and power to all the women with Advanced Breast Cancer
as well as raise global awareness.”

The European ‘Voices of Strength’ creative exhibition launched at the 2015 Advanced Breast Cancer Third (ABC3) International Consensus Conference in Lisbon, Portugal.

The Voices of Strength photography exhibition featured the inspirational and empowering words of women living with ABC from three European countries, Greece, Portugal and Cyprus. The unique collection of photographs shed positive light on the realities of ABC, in order to raise awareness amongst both the breast cancer community and the general public. The exhibit provided a platform for patients to share valuable insight and wisdom, bringing strength and positivity to other women living with ABC.

The exhibition ran from the 5th – 6th November 2015, and was widely and positively received by delegates attending the congress, as well as many European clinicians and Maria Cavaco, the First Lady of Portugal. Across the two days over 300 delegates visited the exhibit and many chose to share their own personal affirmations on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the hashtags #ABClisbon and #Here&Now, further widening the reach of the campaign.